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Tracey Keenan is British and moved to Lausanne with her family in October 2011 after living in Zurich for 11 years. She is a mother of two boys currently aged 16 and 15 who have from the age of 4 always attended the Local Swiss school. She speaks French and German. Tracey is currently a Supply Teacher of English in the local Secondary schools in Canton Vaud and is also employed as an Expert for the English oral examinations which take place in the last year of the compulsory school (11th grade).

Soon after arriving in Lausanne, Tracey teamed up with Lausanne-born-and-raised Nadia Leone. Nadia also has an expat experience of her own, having lived with her family in Singapore for 2 years and Zurich for 6 years before returning to Lausanne in 2009. She has three children aged 16, 12 and 6 who attend the local Swiss school. Nadia was raised bilingually in French and Italian and from her time as an ex-pat also speaks English and German. She currently works as a primary school teacher in Lausanne.

Together, Tracey and Nadia have first-hand experience of teaching in the local Primary and Secondary schools as well as their own children attending the local schools.


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