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Local Public School System, Information Sessions

2015: November (Morges)

2016: January (Lausanne City), March (Bottens), June (La Sallaz), October (Bottens), November (Lausanne City)

2017: May (Lausanne City)


What did you like most about this event?

"Right amount of detail in explaining overall system"

"Informative and good opportunities to ask questions"

"Very clear explanation of the school system"

"A lot of useful information"

"Structured and clear information. Both speakers were very well informed about the local system and passionate about it"

Interactive and informal way to learn about the system

I feel like I now have a basic understanding of the Swiss public school system. I had a very positive impression from you both

I liked the relevant experience of the speakers

In-depth breakdown of the school system, the presentation was not too long yet it had all the information we were looking for; presenters were very clear and easy to understand

Hearing from a "real" Swiss primary schol teacher and seeing the work of some of the children

Friendly atmosphere, well prepared speakers

Thank you for sharing the nitty-gritty in an accessible way!